Frequently Asked Questions

What size marquee do I need?

We do provide a quote with our price list we are always happy to work out an exact size all we need to know is number of guests. How many seated and if you require staging dance floor bars and reception area.

Will the marquee linings be clean and free of mildew?

We go to great expense with a special in house customised super-heavy duty washing machine and heated storage room for all our linings and valances.

Do I need a service tent?

Only if your caterer requires one. We can join the service tent anywhere to your main marquee and can supply screen, lighting, flooring, power points etc. all our marquee are made by hoecker! some company's uses cheap marquees and gazebos for service tents

A little word about Hoecker

Hoecker are a marquee manufacturer of the highest order. The products manufactured are built for extremes! The marquee walls are extra thick and heavy - the marquees legs and rafters are super durable and heavyweight for the maximum support.
Hoecker also carry the British Standards with every marquee they manufacture and so are insured, tested and ready to make your day and night fun and care free.

Do you have packages and will they save me money?

Castle doesn't often have packages on display - however, we are quite happy to check our prices and give you the cheapest possible package price.

If I book my marquee in advance, will it save me money?

Early booking if your event is the first booking of that week You will get our best price possible

Can the marquee be connected to the building?

Marquees can be butted up to buildings as close as down pipes satellite dishes etc. will allow.

When would the marquee be erected?

This would depend on the size and complexity of the marquee, but normally wedding marquees are constructed 2 - 3 days before the wedding and party marquees are usually erected 1 or 2 days before the party. For an up front cost, we can build through the night and at weekends.

What flooring do you recommend?

Heavy duty rubber back carpet is the most popular flooring we provide and is suitable for 70% of the events in marquees. Colour carpet can be supplied in many colour variations. This is a very thin carpet and would be best suited in a marquee with a wooden floor. We would always recommend wood floor for sites which are liable to flood or as an uneven surface and if possible cut your grass a day or two before marquee set up

Heating will it keep us warm and how safe is it

Only use indirect heating this means only warm air is pump into marquee and is controlled by a thermostat gas blow and Patio heaters are not recommended if marquee is walled

What is the difference with a lined and unlined marquee

A unlined marquee you will be able to see the frame and pvc covers witch for most party's is acceptable for the wow factor linings are the way to go

Lighting power points and extent ion leads will this be installed by you

If you hire lighting from us this will include in the price extension lead and one power point there is a small charge For extra power points

Do I need a generator

If you have a good electrical supply this would be more than capable of supplying a dj bar lighting and heating If you are using a caterer we would be happy to talk to them to see if they need more power

Do you hire furniture

We provide a full hire service and we carry a huge stock every item listed in our price list is ours if we don't have what you want we will try our best to find it It is never a problem to us if you hire in from other contractors

In warm weather can the marquee be opened

Our marquees of modern and are constructed in 3m bays every bay can have a window or a wall witch can open like a curtain

Are marquee suitable for winter party's

With modern heating very much so and with the darker evenings we can make more of the lighting colour changing Led is now very cheap compared to just a couple of years ago

Is there a difference in marquees

Very much so cheap marquees are often called blow aways To the quality marquee hire company all our marquees are made by hocker uk and for example a 3m x 6m would cost £2400.00 to cheap marquee starting at £200.00 on a windy Saturday morning we can get many phone call starting my marquee as blown over

Do you provide a itemised quote and cad drawing

This is a free service and is strongly recommended

Can I make last minute changes

We try to be as accommodating as possible and changes up to one month before is not a problem but in some circumstances there may be a very small charge

Can you marquees on uneven ground

Uneven is not a problem for building a marquee but could be for your gests a site visit would be recommended

Storms and bad weather

We only stock one manufactures marquee witch conforms to all British standards

Pipes and cables

It is up to you to inform us of any pipes and cables if you are not sure please ask about our scanning service


We carry £5,000,000 public and employees liability if more is required This will in cure a charge

Damage waver

This Is not necessary with castle marquees if you would like This for Pease of mind please ask for quote

Health and safety

We all work to the marquee standard and can provide risk assessments and method statements on request


Do you provide cheap marquees

What area do you cover