Finishing Touches

Painting with light. A sculpted wax flowercandle with cupcakes in a marquee.

Such an explosive display of floral eloquence. How lovely it is to express your personality through flowers.

Easter themes run amok with lambs, pastel eggs and cute vintage cases. All symbols of a new life.

Paint a marquee with lights for a night time party that really packs a punch! This effect was achieved with uplighters and starlight.

Vintage design and shabby chic mean that inexpnsive items can be made to be outstanding finishing touches to almost any wedding. Show your flair by turning antiques from a bygone era into stylish decor!

Anything is possible - An elephant made of mirror shards? Check! Make the elephant hold a heart of flowers up to the world? Check! Illuminous pink chairs? Double check!

Gold is a symbol of good wealth and prosperety,red a symbol of luck. With salt and pepper shakers in the form of balance, and a Fuu dog to guard the occupants, this table oozes tradition of the Orient!

Castle Marquees can add those little extra touches to make your function that little bit more special or that little bit unusual!

We have a range of finishing touches to give your function extra sparkle. Spotlight curtain, halls of fame, dividing curtains and starlight linings including theme accessories available.