Marquee Accessory Hire

White candles rimmed with red roses, trimmed with lush verdant leaves.

The scattered petals of a white rose display adorn the floor with elegance.

This crazy car is actually a themed photobooth! People enjoyed the backdrop and loved the stylings at this wedding reception.

Wedding buses are a popular choice when getting your guests from the ceremony to the reception! They come in various colours, the most popular to date being silver and red.

Glitter balloons brighten up a table, lightening up an atmosphere and bringing fun for children and adults alike.

The helter skelter has long been a favorite fun fair ride. Some of the ultimate accessories are the big old-time classics.

Flowers are the universal accessory to a stagering display. Natural, colourful and sweet-smelling, flowers lend to stunning statements.

On the note of hiring furniture for your event, consider the many reasonably priced accessories and finishing touches that will accent and highlight your event to transform your marquee or venue into your own personal world.

Wedding balloons, Wedding buses, funfair rides for weddings, themed photobooths and so many more items available.