Marquee Generator Hire

Generators start from 10 KVA to 100 KVA and even more. A 10KVA generator will supply power for 1 light in a small marquee, whereas 100KVA will supply power for a large event for everything. Food prep, lights, heaters, DJ, band, AV, etc.

All generators are delivered to site with fuel, distributions boxes, power leads and points and extension leads.

why will I need a generator?

A large generator

A marquee generator helps keep events seperate from the house, allowing the event to be self contained and if the power to your home is liable to trip or fail or if it's in a field or if you have no access to power then a generator is a must.
A marshall can be hired for the event if required.

The generators panel. It reads 388 Volts, 18 Amps

Can you imagine your wedding or birthday party losing power in the middle of the night because the house mains power had tripped.